Preventing obesity within schools essay

They are able to work collaboratively Preventing obesity within schools essay develop planning and management skills required for successful competition. As mentioned earlier, social inequality as a result of economic insecurity and a failing economic environment is also considered as one of the probable causes of obesity [ 78 ].

Several studies have shown that insufficient physical activity is one of the important risk factors of obesity [ 75 — 77 ], and work-related activity has declined over recent decades in industrialized countries whereas leisure time dominated by television viewing and other physically inactive pastimes has increased [ 7174 ].

Ultimately, the key to controlling the obesity epidemic lies at the level of individuals, since they have to act on health promotion advice and efforts. A recent review by Sallis and Glanz [ 93 ] summarized the impact of physical activity and food environments as solutions to the obesity epidemic.

The interaction effects among environmental factors, genetic predisposition and the individual behavior on excess weight gain has received research interests in recent decades.

For example the universal use of information technology in all settings, whether at home or work, greatly reduces physical activity [ — ].

However, reminder systems, brief training interventions, shared care, inpatient care and dietitian-led treatments might all be worth further investigation.

McDevitt and Ormrod, Regional distribution of body fat, plasma lipoproteins, and cardiovascular disease. Teachers can also add to unit work by bringing in exploration of the natural environment, for example walking to a nearby creek when studying pollution in the year five unit on waterways Queensland Studies Authority, and adding to other units in a similar way.

As society becomes increasingly competitive, the resulting stress may contribute to excessive eating as some people turn to food for comfort [ ].

Prevention of Overweight and Obesity: How Effective is the Current Public Health Approach

As illustrated by Sacks [ 87 ], trade agreements between countries, personal income tax regimes and social security mechanisms are some potential policy areas that could be altered at international, national and state levels for the development of population-based strategies for obesity prevention.

Policy alone is unlikely to achieve this, merely facilitating the process.

Energy-dense and nutrient-poor foods become the best way to provide daily calories at an affordable cost by the poor groups, whereas nutrient-rich foods and high-quality diets not only cost more but are consumed by more affluent groups.

A policy-based school intervention has been found to be effective for the prevention and control of obesity. Policy areas influencing physical activity environments include urban planning policies, transport policies and organizational policies on the provision of facilities for physical activity [ 8792 ].

Economic burden of obesity-related chronic diseases in Mainland China. Separate associations of waist and hip circumference with lifestyle factors. Possible mechanisms by which genetic susceptibility may operate include low resting metabolic rate, low rate of lipid oxidation, low fat-free mass and poor appetite control [ 11 ].

Barriers to the Effectiveness of Reduction of Overweight and Obesity through a Policy Approach Overweight and obesity prevention or reduction essentially involves lifestyle modification through behavioral change at the individual level. Obesity in Asia Collaboration. The etiology of obesity is multifactorial, involving complex interactions among genetic background, hormones and different social and environmental factors.

The habit of snack consumption at the same time also predispose to overweight and obesity []. Social networking and enjoyment would be strong motivation for computer use at home, while work demands would necessitate continual use at work.Importance Of Physical Activity In Schools Education Essay.

Print What roles do teachers of today play in addressing and preventing obesity in our children and what are effective strategies to do this? and English teachers have opportunities to become involved in preventive activities within their appropriate curriculum areas as well as.

Preventing Obesity Within Schools Essays - Physical activity is seen as an important and essential part of a child’s life (Rivkin, ). With the increasing prevalence of overweight children, and the decline in physical activity (McDevitt & Ormrod, ) there is justifiably a.

Essay on Preventing Obesity in School Aged Children in Australia Words 6 Pages Schools and society are taking focussed actions aimed at increasing physical activity in children and helping lower the obesity rates that are becoming increasingly prevalent among young people.

School Obesity Prevention Recommendations: Complete List The Role of Schools in Preventing Childhood Obesity The State Education Standard. 5. American Heart Association. Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity within a Generation: White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity Report to the President.

Accessed July 11, The key item in preventing obesity is exercising. Exercising helps in numerous ways: it keeps the body in shape and prevents related health problems caused by being overweight.

Essays Related to Preventing Obesity. 1. Ways to Prevent Obesity. Ways to Prevent Obesity We have choices in life, for example to smoke or not to smoke, and these /5(3). Essay childhood obesity.

Obesity in School Children

Childhood Obesity ENG English Composition II October 5, Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity has become a serious health concern in the United States.

Obesity rates have doubled in children from the ages of 2 – 11 and tripled in teens ages (American Psychological Association ).

Preventing obesity within schools essay
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