Writing agents accepting new authors

He does not accept science fiction, depressing memoirs or stories about terrorists or organizations wanting to take over countries, young adult and poetry. She has a Doctorate of Creative Arts and is an author of four books. Hiring an agent is not mandatory.


When Do You Need to Look for Literary Agents Basically, a writer may consider looking for an agent when he or she is not satisfied dealing with her own contracts.

I like gripping plots, fascinating, non-obvious narrators, well-developed characters and new ideas. I love great social observation, stories about families and relationships, atmospheric or unusual settings, and haunting, dark or unsettling narrations.

Pitch your book in your email - write a compelling blurb to get us interested in the story and include information about yourself that is relevant to the work you are submitting.

Before you consider approaching Jeff, he requests you familiarize yourself with the kind of content he is interested in. The manuscript and synopsis should be in Word format and 1.

Things to Consider When Finding a Good Literary Agent When it comes to finding a good literary agent, there are few important things you must consider. Now while continuing to head up audio rights, Mark is building his own client list of writers. In the body of your email, paste a query letter and the first ten pages of your manuscript.

We personally read everything that is submitted to the agency and represent authors based all over the world. What he is seeking: Writers of fiction, non-fiction in all genres can consider submitting a proposal to Stephen. There are agents at ICM Partners. He has nearly 17 years of experience as an agent.

You may submit to me again if you have a new project you think might interest me or the agency, but please do not submit the same project to the agency multiple times, and please do not submit more than one project at a time.

Currently, she is seeking Middle Grade only.

Literary Agents Database

You can send your submissions via email. The agency is renowned in New York for its ability to negotiate great deals for its writers and their relentless dedication to getting work published.

After graduating Emerson with a degree in writing, literature and publishing, Mark began his career as an assistant to the Vice President of the Berkley imprint at Penguin, working with leading editors at the firm.

She loves discovering new talent and helping established authors to take their career to the next level. As we have mentioned, a great agent will be your mentor, your support system, your marketing genius and your critic. There are currently agents at CAA.New writers or amateur authors in the US have the benefit of having talented literary agents spread across the country just looking to find the next bestselling author.

To help you achieve your dream, we have created a list of the 21 Top US literary agents accepting submissions. Download WGAE Agency List The Guild does not help writers in their quest to find an agent, or provide individual recommendations.

But we do supply a list of agents who have signed an Artist’s Manager Agreement with the Guild. Here are some tips on how new writers should approach agents: A.

The Knight Agency is a world-renowned literary agency that has guided countless writers from query letter to published book for over 20 years.

A growing list of new literary agents actively seeking writers, books, and queries now. These agents are building their client lists. New Agency Alerts. A growing list of new literary agents actively seeking writers, books, and queries now.

Get Published and Paid for Your Writing. Hear from the editors of Poets & Writers Magazine as they offer a behind-the-scenes preview of the new issue, talk with contributors and authors featured in the magazine, and discuss the lighter side of writing, publishing, and the literary arts in this decidedly DIY podcast.

Submission Guidelines. As a growing UK literary agency seeking new authors, we are accepting submissions in all categories. We personally read everything that is submitted to the agency and represent authors based all over the world.

Writing agents accepting new authors
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